New Manuals

We now offer two easy reference/training manuals to help employees in your bank or financial institution find answers quickly and easily.

1. A Real World Desktop Manual for IRA Procedures

bullet Manuals are easy to understand.

bullet Incorporate your vendors IRA forms.

bullet Each chapter summarizes each step to complete the IRA procedure.

bullet Most comprehensive IRA seminar manual on the market today.

bullet Manuals are updated January 1 and September 1 of each year.

2. A Guide to IRA Reporting and Compliance

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Schedule an IRA Audit

We have the expertise to provide you with the proper guidance or direction on your IRA files. If your answer is "No" to any of the following questions, give us a call; we can help.

Are your IRA files in compliance? 
Do you have separate files for Traditional vs. Roth IRA’s? 
Have beneficiary forms been updated? 
Does your staff know how to handle death distribution to beneficiaries? 
Have all your IRA forms and amendments been updated? 
Are your RMD notices going to account holders correctly and timely?

Why have an audit? Remember, the cost of an internal bank audit is less than any IRS fines and penalties you may incurr and it will give you a peace of mind. At the end of every internal audit you will get a detailed written report of the findings along with a thorough plan on how to correct any findings. We will also make suggestions on how your files and procedures can be improved.

If you would like to inquire about a possible internal bank IRA audit, please complete the following form.

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