New Manuals

We now offer two easy reference/training manuals to help employees in your bank or financial institution find answers quickly and easily.

1. A Real World Desktop Manual for IRA Procedures

bullet Manuals are easy to understand.

bullet Incorporate your vendors IRA forms.

bullet Each chapter summarizes each step to complete the IRA procedure.

bullet Most comprehensive IRA seminar manual on the market today.

bullet Manuals are updated January 1 and September 1 of each year.

2. A Guide to IRA Reporting and Compliance

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About Our IRA Training Seminars

Reasons to consider our in-house retirement plan training seminars. To schedule training click here.

Customized: The financial institution will design the course content so that the entire course is exactly what it needs.
Proper Level: The course will be adapted to the level of the attendees - basic, intermediate, or advanced.
Length: The program can be offered as a half-day, full-day, or multiple days seminar. It can also be offered in more than one city.
Less Expensive: The cost for the seminar is a per day rate rather than a per person rate so a bank can have more people attend than if it would send people away to a seminar. The seminar presents an opportunity to have all bank personnel involved in retirement plans attend, not just one person per bank branch.
More Questions: It is proven that people will ask more questions when they are in a class with fellow workers versus strangers.
Importance of Training: Would you like some one handling your retirement dollars who was not knowledgeable?
Current/Up-to-Date: This training provides an opportunity for financial institutions to keep their employees up-to-date with all the changes that occur in the area of retirement plans.
Compliance: The cost of being out of compliance could be very significant. The better trained your staff is, the more likely the bank’s IRA files will be in compliance.
Forms: The training can specifically address the forms that the financial institution is using versus looking at generic forms.
Presentation: The seminar will be presented in a non-threatening, enjoyable, learning environment